Ministry Team Profile

Ministry Team Profile

Pastor Charles Pretlow

Charles Pretlow, Executive Director Senior Pastor: It was in 1973, when Charles accepted Christ, just after his re-enlistment in the Marines for six more years. Then in 1974, after reading David Wilkerson’s book The Vision, he accepted Christ’s call to full time ministry, and requested an early release from the Corps. Miraculously, his honorable discharge was granted.
      In January of 1975 he began Bible College and accepted his first ministry appointment. His years of formal education and leadership training has helped him in ministry. However, his more in-depth training, wisdom, and character development was honed through years of ministering in a wilderness-type training, facilitated by Jesus in the discipline of the Lord.
       His call is helping Christians become tribulation proof and rapture ready. Most Christians are not prepared for the coming troubles that God will use to make His church “without spot or blemish” – if you will, “rapture ready.: View Charles’ Recent Messages (Interested in having Pastor Pretlow speak at you fellowship or event? See

Associate Pastor Mark Otto: Years of ministry, leadership, mentoring and counseling experience, along with the gifts of the Spirit has proven Mark to be very effective in helping others work through the most difficult challenges.
      Like all the team members, Mark can empathize with those who are challenged in becoming whole in Christ. Mark’s ability and gifting to instruct and exhort from the Word of God is insightful, challenging, and uplifting; in patience he is able to explain the harder teachings of Christ and Scripture. Mark shares the preaching and teaching aspects of MC Chapel Fellowship and mentors others in our fellowship. View Mark’s Recent Messages

Walter Laskody, Associate Pastor and Director of IT: Walter came to the Lord in 2002, and since then he’s served the Lord in various ministries. Walter has years of experience in sharing Biblical principles of sanctification, encouraging the brethren, mentoring others in discerning false doctrine and preparation for Christ’s return. Walter’s calling and burden is for the church of Jesus Christ to come back to its biblical roots, turn away from the false gospels and doctrines that have been propagated over the years, and turn to the true Jesus. His background and solid grasp of Scripture and the harder teachings of Christ, along with excellent communication and relationship skills allows Walter to fill his Associate Pastor duties successfully. His years of professional Information Technology experience working for a major international organization makes him a perfect fit as MC Global Ministries’ Director of IT. View Walter’s Recent Messages

Director of Publishing and Associate Minister Carly Poe: Carly works in sharing, ministering, and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has written and developed curriculum in many different settings, including internationally. Carly spent 2 years working with Youth With A Mission, an interdenominational missions organization, in Central America where she taught and helped develop curriculum in a local school. She also spent several years as a teacher here in the States, developing curriculum for many different age groups, ranging from preschool aged learners to students in high school. These experiences have taught her to lead by example and also how to oversee people of many different ages. Carly’s passion is learning to embrace all that Christ teaches and help others to do the same. She has become a key leader who leads by example. With her extensive background in publishing and writing Carly heads up Wilderness Voice Publishing as director.

Kim Lamoureux, Director of Operations and Administration: Kim has spent many years as a bank branch manager with a wide spectrum of banking training and experience. Her background in finance and management gives Kim excellent qualifications to fill the role of ministry/fellowship Director of Operations and Administration. She brings solid Christlike character to her position on MC Global Ministries’ founding Board of Directors. Kim also mentors and counsels Christians who are struggling with their walk with Christ. Her testimony of recovery and her ability to teach adds to her gifting in ministry. Her insights on biblical recovery principles for wounded Christians adds to her qualifications as a corporate director and as a ministry leader working in the Lord’s vineyard.

Tim Fisher, Associate Minister and Director of Security: Tim, as dedicated bond servant of Christ brings passion and steadfast example of leadership for MCGM’s Intercessory Prayer Ministry. His background in law enforcement along with being a Certified Krav Maga Instructor – Levels 1-5 brings years of training and experience in maintaining fellowship security. His ministry to our fellowship as well as other fellowships in security and safety is vital in these dark times. From active threat training to dealing with troubled parishioners, Tim leads our security team and security system implementation with confidence. His desire to serve Christ and help others prepare for the coming end-time troubles is brought forth with deep passion.

Ken Klein, Director of Midnight Cry Awakening Network: Ken came to Christ in 2001 and through the years since, he has witnessed the condition and readiness of God’s people degrade into dysfunction and a state of silliness, empowered by counterfeit spiritualism generated by one’s own spirit. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and has worked as a small business entrepreneur for over 20 years. All this experience, his solid walk with Christ, and communication skills has prepared him to direct MC Global Ministries’ Midnight Cry Awakening Network. His years of experience in detecting false teachings that hampers most fellowships and frustrates pastors lends well to setting up this network and associated internet platform. His narrating and hosting skills makes Ken a great fit as key mediator for our up and coming Midnight Cry Awakening Broadcast.

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