MC Global Teaching Series

MC Global Teaching Series

Equipped for Live and Ministry in the Last Days

Part One – Beyond Speculation: This portion of our Equipped course covers the end-of-this-age key signs and events that Christ warned His followers to watch for. America and the world are now plunged into Christ’s end-the-age prophesies. Learn what Christians can expect from now on. Knowing the truth about the end-of-this-age is not enough. Christ warned that believers not prepared properly would not endure this time:

Part Two – Born of the Holy Spirit and Eternal Security: Through the years multitudes of Christians were misled, thinking that they became born again they were instantly changed in the heart and could never lose their salvation. Part two explains what Christ meant by becoming “born again” and how the sincere follower of Christ must learn how to grow up into salvation, obtain the grace of God and be assured of never falling away. In the last days many lukewarm and immature Christians run the risk of denying Christ and losing their eternal salvation.

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