Midnight Cry Awakening Broadcast

Midnight Cry Awakening Broadcast

Many Pastors struggle in shepherding their flock. Their higher education ill equipped them for ministry, most lack funds, their family life suffers, and often they have to contend with trouble makers in their fellowship. As these end-times troubles fall upon us, ministers and pastors will face an increased torrent of challenges and troubles they are not equipped to handle.

An aspect of our international mission is to facilitate a last days ministerial alliance, where likeminded fellowships and ministries can receive counsel, support each other, receive prayer, and practical help in shepherding and managing the fellowship affairs in a world that is unraveling rapidly. This alliance is geared to help leadership work effectively during the coming end-of-this-age final awakening.

Midnight Cry Awakening Network will be implemented soon, offering resources and ministry to those who minister and shepherd God’s flock.

Director Ken Klein heads up this MC Global ministry. Look for more information in the coming months. (See Ken’s background on our ministry team page.)

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