Midnight Cry Awakening Network

Midnight Cry Awakening Network

 “But at midnight there was a cry, ‘Here is the bridegroom! Come out to meet him.’ ” Matthew 25:6

Some pastors and ministry leaders are beginning to realize Christ’s return is at the very gates. As more end-of-this-age signs increase in frequency and intensity, the midnight cry awakening that Christ spoke of will ignite. Then many in leadership will find that they need help to lead effectively in the coming persecution and the Great Tribulation.

Great numbers of Christians will awaken and seek likeminded fellowship and relevant resources to grow in Christ and effectively live and minister in the very darkened days leading to Christ’s coming.

MC Global Ministries’ leadership team has been preparing for years to help others in ministry learn how to navigate, lead, and equip those in their charge during these mounting end-times challenges and stand before Christ when He appears.

We are developing what we term The Midnight Cry Awakening Network. A secure and vetted directory of likeminded fellowships as well as a robust resource library and access to MC Global School of Ministry.

For advance inquiries email: mcan@mcgmin.com or call (833) 695-1236 Ext 5

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